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Experience through Reading

Today where i am standing and where i will be heading in the future, these books have been a a guiding star for me. All the books that i read have been pivotal in propelling me to unprecedented success, understand myself and others, to remove the clutter of life and to form a new believe and remove dogmas, all in all they have taught me that the only person who is limiting me is not the circumstances but me my self, what ever i believe if i can do it or not i am right……. these are a few insight, there are plenty more of them which i cannot cover here. What i would suggest everyone who knows, or if you don’t know me doesn’t matter don’t just rely on academic knowledge or what societies have taught you so far, there is so much more to explore and learn that sometime it is cheaper and time saving to learn from the success or failure of others and at the end you will be proud of what you have learned.

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